==> Creating clean working copy [build]...done
==> Making package: trinity-git 1:v1.6.478.gb35eaf6-2 (Thu May 26 23:18:43 EDT 2016)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Cloning trinity-git git repo...
Cloning into bare repository '/srv/build/builder/plugbuild/work/trinity-git/trinity-git'...
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    trinity-git ... Skipped
==> Making package: trinity-git 1:v1.6.478.gb35eaf6-2 (Thu May 26 23:18:48 EDT 2016)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Installing missing dependencies...
:: There are 21 providers available for linux-headers:
:: Repository core
   1) linux-am33x-headers  2) linux-armv7-headers  3) linux-armv7-rc-headers  4) linux-boundary-headers  5) linux-cubox-headers  6) linux-headers-clearfog  7) linux-headers-d3plug  8) linux-headers-imx6-cubox  9) linux-headers-odroid  10) linux-headers-utilite-dt  11) linux-imx6-headers  12) linux-odroid-c1-headers  13) linux-odroid-xu-headers  14) linux-odroid-xu-headless-headers  15) linux-odroid-xu3-headers  16) linux-parallella-headers  17) linux-peach-headers  18) linux-raspberrypi-headers  19) linux-utilite-headers  20) linux-veyron-headers  21) linux-zedboard-headers

Enter a number (default=1): 
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (3) perl-error-0.17024-1  git-2.8.3-1  linux-am33x-headers-4.6.0-3

Total Download Size:    6.54 MiB
Total Installed Size:  68.90 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] 
:: Retrieving packages...
downloading linux-am33x-headers-4.6.0-3-armv7h.pkg.tar.xz...
checking keyring...
checking package integrity...
loading package files...
checking for file conflicts...
checking available disk space...
:: Processing package changes...
installing perl-error...
installing git...
Optional dependencies for git
    tk: gitk and git gui
    perl-libwww: git svn
    perl-term-readkey: git svn
    perl-mime-tools: git send-email
    perl-net-smtp-ssl: git send-email TLS support
    perl-authen-sasl: git send-email TLS support
    python2: various helper scripts
    subversion: git svn
    cvsps2: git cvsimport
    gnome-keyring: GNOME keyring credential helper
installing linux-am33x-headers...
==> Retrieving sources...
==> WARNING: Skipping verification of source file PGP signatures.
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    trinity-git ... Skipped
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Creating working copy of trinity git repo...
Cloning into 'trinity-git'...
==> Starting pkgver()...
==> Updated version: trinity-git 1:v1.6.519.gb314824-1
==> Starting build()...
[*] Checking system headers.
[*] Checking ipv6 headers ... [OK]
[*] Checking if pppox can use pppol2tpin6.. [YES]
[*] Checking if pppox can use pppol2tv3.. [YES]
[*] Checking if pppox can use pptp.. [YES]
[*] Checking if llc can use LLC_OPT_PKTINFO.. [YES]
[*] Checking if glibc headers provide termios2.. [NO]
[*] Checking if glibc headers provide nvme ioctls.. [NO]
[*] Checking header linux/caif/caif_socket.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/if_alg.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/rds.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/vfio.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/btrfs.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header btrfs/ioctl.h ... [NO]
[*] Checking header drm/drm.h ... [NO]
[*] Checking header drm/exynos_drm.h ... [NO]
[*] Checking header sound/compress_offload.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/kvm.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/seccomp.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header linux/vhost.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header execinfo.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header netatalk/at.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header netrom/netrom.h ... [YES]
[*] Checking header netrose/rose.h ... [YES]
[-] Some header definitions were missing. This is not fatal.
    It usually means you're building on an older distribution which doesn't
    have header files describing newer kernel features.
    Trinity will still compile and run, it just won't use those new features.
    Go ahead, and run 'make'
  CC	arg-decoder.o
  CC	blockdevs.o
  CC	child.o
  CC	debug.o
  CC	devices.o
  CC	generate-args.o
  CC	locks.o
  CC	log-files.o
  CC	log.o
  CC	main.o
  CC	objects.o
  CC	params.o
  CC	pathnames.o
  CC	pids.o
  CC	post-mortem.o
  CC	shm.o
  CC	signals.o
  CC	syscall.o
  CC	sysv-shm.o
  CC	tables-biarch.o
  CC	tables-uniarch.o
  CC	tables.o
  CC	taint.o
  CC	trinity.o
  CC	uid.o
  CC	utils.o
  CC	childops/random-syscall.o
  CC	childops/read-all-files.o
  CC	childops/thrash-pid-files.o
  CC	childops/truncate-testfile.o
  CC	fds/drm.o
  CC	fds/epoll.o
  CC	fds/eventfd.o
  CC	fds/fanotify_init.o
  CC	fds/fds.o
  CC	fds/files.o
  CC	fds/inotify.o
  CC	fds/memfd.o
  CC	fds/perf.o
  CC	fds/pipes.o
  CC	fds/sockets.o
  CC	fds/testfiles.o
  CC	fds/timerfd.o
  CC	fds/userfaultfd.o
  CC	ioctls/autofs.o
  CC	ioctls/binder.o
  CC	ioctls/btrfs-control.o
  CC	ioctls/btrfs.o
  CC	ioctls/cdrom.o
  CC	ioctls/dm.o
  CC	ioctls/drm.o
  CC	ioctls/ext.o
  CC	ioctls/firewire.o
  CC	ioctls/framebuffer.o
  CC	ioctls/hpet.o
  CC	ioctls/input.o
  CC	ioctls/ioctls.o
  CC	ioctls/kvm.o
  CC	ioctls/logger.o
  CC	ioctls/loop.o
  CC	ioctls/mce.o
  CC	ioctls/msr.o
  CC	ioctls/mtd.o
  CC	ioctls/nvme.o
  CC	ioctls/ozwpan.o
  CC	ioctls/random.o
  CC	ioctls/rfkill.o
  CC	ioctls/rtc.o
  CC	ioctls/scsi.o
  CC	ioctls/sisfb.o
  CC	ioctls/snd.o
  CC	ioctls/socket.o
  CC	ioctls/uinput.o
  CC	ioctls/usbmon.o
  CC	ioctls/vfio.o
  CC	ioctls/vfs.o
  CC	ioctls/vhost.o
  CC	ioctls/videodev2.o
  CC	ioctls/vmci.o
  CC	ioctls/vsock.o
  CC	ioctls/vt.o
  CC	ioctls/watchdog.o
  CC	mm/fault-read.o
  CC	mm/fault-write.o
  CC	mm/maps-initial.o
  CC	mm/maps.o
  CC	net/bpf.o
  CC	net/domains.o
  CC	net/ether.o
  CC	net/proto-alg.o
  CC	net/proto-appletalk.o
  CC	net/proto-atm.o
  CC	net/proto-ax25.o
  CC	net/proto-bluetooth.o
  CC	net/proto-caif.o
  CC	net/proto-can.o
  CC	net/proto-dccp.o
  CC	net/proto-decnet.o
  CC	net/proto-econet.o
  CC	net/proto-icmp6.o
  CC	net/proto-ipv4.o
  CC	net/proto-ipv6.o
  CC	net/proto-ipx.o
  CC	net/proto-irda.o
  CC	net/proto-iucv.o
  CC	net/proto-kcm.o
  CC	net/proto-llc.o
  CC	net/proto-netlink.o
  CC	net/proto-netrom.o
  CC	net/proto-nfc.o
  CC	net/proto-packet.o
  CC	net/proto-phonet.o
  CC	net/proto-pppox.o
  CC	net/proto-raw.o
  CC	net/proto-rds.o
  CC	net/proto-rose.o
  CC	net/proto-rxrpc.o
  CC	net/proto-sctp.o
  CC	net/proto-socket.o
  CC	net/proto-tcp.o
  CC	net/proto-tipc.o
  CC	net/proto-udp.o
  CC	net/proto-udplite.o
  CC	net/proto-unix.o
  CC	net/proto-x25.o
  CC	net/protocols.o
  CC	net/sockaddr.o
  CC	rand/interesting-numbers.o
  CC	rand/random-address.o
  CC	rand/random-length.o
  CC	rand/random-page.o
  CC	rand/random.o
  CC	rand/seed.o
  CC	syscalls/accept.o
  CC	syscalls/access.o
  CC	syscalls/acct.o
  CC	syscalls/add_key.o
  CC	syscalls/adjtimex.o
  CC	syscalls/alarm.o
  CC	syscalls/bdflush.o
  CC	syscalls/bind.o
  CC	syscalls/bpf.o
syscalls/bpf.c: In function 'bpf_prog_load':
syscalls/bpf.c:42:16: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]
  attr->insns = (u64) insns;
syscalls/bpf.c:43:18: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]
  attr->license = (u64) license;
syscalls/bpf.c:46:18: warning: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Wpointer-to-int-cast]
  attr->log_buf = (u64) get_writable_address(page_size);
syscalls/bpf.c: In function 'post_bpf':
syscalls/bpf.c:78:16: warning: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
    void *ptr = (void *) attr->insns;
  CC	syscalls/brk.o
  CC	syscalls/capget.o
  CC	syscalls/capset.o
  CC	syscalls/chdir.o
  CC	syscalls/chmod.o
  CC	syscalls/chown.o
  CC	syscalls/chroot.o
  CC	syscalls/clock_adjtime.o
  CC	syscalls/clock_getres.o
  CC	syscalls/clock_gettime.o
  CC	syscalls/clock_nanosleep.o
  CC	syscalls/clock_settime.o
  CC	syscalls/clone.o
  CC	syscalls/close.o
  CC	syscalls/connect.o
  CC	syscalls/copy_file_range.o
  CC	syscalls/creat.o
  CC	syscalls/delete_module.o
  CC	syscalls/dup.o
  CC	syscalls/epoll_create.o
  CC	syscalls/epoll_ctl.o
  CC	syscalls/epoll_pwait.o
  CC	syscalls/epoll_wait.o
  CC	syscalls/eventfd.o
  CC	syscalls/execve.o
  CC	syscalls/exit.o
  CC	syscalls/exit_group.o
  CC	syscalls/faccessat.o
  CC	syscalls/fadvise64.o
  CC	syscalls/fallocate.o
  CC	syscalls/fanotify_init.o
  CC	syscalls/fanotify_mark.o
  CC	syscalls/fchdir.o
  CC	syscalls/fchmod.o
  CC	syscalls/fchown.o
  CC	syscalls/fcntl.o
  CC	syscalls/fdatasync.o
  CC	syscalls/fgetxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/finit_module.o
  CC	syscalls/flock.o
  CC	syscalls/fork.o
  CC	syscalls/fremovexattr.o
  CC	syscalls/fsetxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/fstat64.o
  CC	syscalls/fstatfs.o
  CC	syscalls/fsync.o
  CC	syscalls/ftruncate.o
  CC	syscalls/futex.o
  CC	syscalls/futimesat.o
  CC	syscalls/get_mempolicy.o
  CC	syscalls/get_robust_list.o
  CC	syscalls/getcpu.o
  CC	syscalls/getcwd.o
  CC	syscalls/getdents.o
  CC	syscalls/getegid.o
  CC	syscalls/geteuid.o
  CC	syscalls/getgid.o
  CC	syscalls/getgroups.o
  CC	syscalls/getitimer.o
  CC	syscalls/getpagesize.o
  CC	syscalls/getpeername.o
  CC	syscalls/getpgid.o
  CC	syscalls/getpgrp.o
  CC	syscalls/getpid.o
  CC	syscalls/getppid.o
  CC	syscalls/getpriority.o
  CC	syscalls/getrandom.o
  CC	syscalls/getresgid.o
  CC	syscalls/getresuid.o
  CC	syscalls/getrlimit.o
  CC	syscalls/getrusage.o
  CC	syscalls/getsid.o
  CC	syscalls/getsockname.o
  CC	syscalls/getsockopt.o
  CC	syscalls/gettid.o
  CC	syscalls/gettimeofday.o
  CC	syscalls/getuid.o
  CC	syscalls/getxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/init_module.o
  CC	syscalls/inotify_add_watch.o
  CC	syscalls/inotify_init.o
  CC	syscalls/inotify_rm_watch.o
  CC	syscalls/io_cancel.o
  CC	syscalls/io_destroy.o
  CC	syscalls/io_getevents.o
  CC	syscalls/io_setup.o
  CC	syscalls/io_submit.o
  CC	syscalls/ioctl.o
  CC	syscalls/ioprio_get.o
  CC	syscalls/ioprio_set.o
  CC	syscalls/ipc.o
  CC	syscalls/kcmp.o
  CC	syscalls/kexec_file_load.o
  CC	syscalls/kexec_load.o
  CC	syscalls/keyctl.o
  CC	syscalls/kill.o
  CC	syscalls/lchown.o
  CC	syscalls/lgetxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/link.o
  CC	syscalls/linkat.o
  CC	syscalls/listen.o
  CC	syscalls/listxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/llseek.o
  CC	syscalls/lookup_dcookie.o
  CC	syscalls/lremovexattr.o
  CC	syscalls/lseek.o
  CC	syscalls/lsetxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/lstat.o
  CC	syscalls/madvise.o
  CC	syscalls/mbind.o
  CC	syscalls/membarrier.o
  CC	syscalls/memfd_create.o
  CC	syscalls/migrate_pages.o
  CC	syscalls/mincore.o
  CC	syscalls/mkdir.o
  CC	syscalls/mknod.o
  CC	syscalls/mlock.o
  CC	syscalls/mlockall.o
  CC	syscalls/mmap.o
  CC	syscalls/mount.o
  CC	syscalls/move_pages.o
  CC	syscalls/mprotect.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_getsetattr.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_notify.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_open.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_timedreceive.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_timedsend.o
  CC	syscalls/mq_unlink.o
  CC	syscalls/mremap.o
  CC	syscalls/msgctl.o
  CC	syscalls/msgget.o
  CC	syscalls/msgrcv.o
  CC	syscalls/msgsnd.o
  CC	syscalls/msync.o
  CC	syscalls/munlock.o
  CC	syscalls/munlockall.o
  CC	syscalls/munmap.o
  CC	syscalls/name_to_handle_at.o
  CC	syscalls/nanosleep.o
  CC	syscalls/newfstat.o
  CC	syscalls/newlstat.o
  CC	syscalls/newstat.o
  CC	syscalls/newuname.o
  CC	syscalls/nfsservctl.o
  CC	syscalls/ni_syscall.o
  CC	syscalls/nice.o
  CC	syscalls/oldreaddir.o
  CC	syscalls/oldumount.o
  CC	syscalls/olduname.o
  CC	syscalls/open.o
  CC	syscalls/pause.o
  CC	syscalls/pciconfig_iobase.o
  CC	syscalls/pciconfig_read.o
  CC	syscalls/pciconfig_write.o
  CC	syscalls/perf_event_open.o
  CC	syscalls/personality.o
  CC	syscalls/pipe.o
  CC	syscalls/pivot_root.o
  CC	syscalls/poll.o
  CC	syscalls/prctl.o
  CC	syscalls/prlimit64.o
  CC	syscalls/process_vm_readv.o
  CC	syscalls/process_vm_writev.o
  CC	syscalls/pselect6.o
  CC	syscalls/ptrace.o
  CC	syscalls/quotactl.o
  CC	syscalls/read.o
  CC	syscalls/readahead.o
  CC	syscalls/readlink.o
  CC	syscalls/reboot.o
  CC	syscalls/recv.o
  CC	syscalls/remap_file_pages.o
  CC	syscalls/removexattr.o
  CC	syscalls/rename.o
  CC	syscalls/request_key.o
  CC	syscalls/restart_syscall.o
  CC	syscalls/rmdir.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigpending.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigprocmask.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigqueueinfo.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigreturn.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigsuspend.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_sigtimedwait.o
  CC	syscalls/rt_tgsigqueueinfo.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_get_priority_max.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_get_priority_min.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_getaffinity.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_getattr.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_getparam.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_getscheduler.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_rr_get_interval.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_setaffinity.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_setattr.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_setparam.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_setscheduler.o
  CC	syscalls/sched_yield.o
  CC	syscalls/seccomp.o
  CC	syscalls/select.o
  CC	syscalls/semctl.o
  CC	syscalls/semget.o
  CC	syscalls/semop.o
  CC	syscalls/semtimedop.o
  CC	syscalls/send.o
syscalls/send.c: In function 'sanitise_send':
syscalls/send.c:30:41: warning: passing argument 3 of 'proto->gen_packet' from incompatible pointer type [-Wincompatible-pointer-types]
    proto->gen_packet(&si->triplet, ptr, &rec->a3);
syscalls/send.c:30:41: note: expected 'size_t * {aka unsigned int *}' but argument is of type 'long unsigned int *'
  CC	syscalls/sendfile.o
  CC	syscalls/set_mempolicy.o
  CC	syscalls/set_robust_list.o
  CC	syscalls/set_tid_address.o
  CC	syscalls/setdomainname.o
  CC	syscalls/setfsgid.o
  CC	syscalls/setfsuid.o
  CC	syscalls/setgid.o
  CC	syscalls/setgroups.o
  CC	syscalls/sethostname.o
  CC	syscalls/setitimer.o
  CC	syscalls/setns.o
  CC	syscalls/setpgid.o
  CC	syscalls/setpriority.o
  CC	syscalls/setregid.o
  CC	syscalls/setresgid.o
  CC	syscalls/setresuid.o
  CC	syscalls/setreuid.o
  CC	syscalls/setrlimit.o
  CC	syscalls/setsid.o
  CC	syscalls/setsockopt.o
  CC	syscalls/settimeofday.o
  CC	syscalls/setuid.o
  CC	syscalls/setxattr.o
  CC	syscalls/sgetmask.o
  CC	syscalls/shmat.o
  CC	syscalls/shmctl.o
  CC	syscalls/shmdt.o
  CC	syscalls/shmget.o
  CC	syscalls/shutdown.o
  CC	syscalls/sigaction.o
  CC	syscalls/sigaltstack.o
  CC	syscalls/signal.o
  CC	syscalls/signalfd.o
  CC	syscalls/sigpending.o
  CC	syscalls/sigprocmask.o
  CC	syscalls/sigreturn.o
  CC	syscalls/sigsuspend.o
  CC	syscalls/socket.o
  CC	syscalls/socketcall.o
  CC	syscalls/socketpair.o
  CC	syscalls/splice.o
  CC	syscalls/ssetmask.o
  CC	syscalls/stat.o
  CC	syscalls/statfs.o
  CC	syscalls/stime.o
  CC	syscalls/swap.o
  CC	syscalls/symlink.o
  CC	syscalls/sync.o
  CC	syscalls/sync_file_range.o
  CC	syscalls/syncfs.o
  CC	syscalls/sysctl.o
  CC	syscalls/sysfs.o
  CC	syscalls/sysinfo.o
  CC	syscalls/syslog.o
  CC	syscalls/tee.o
  CC	syscalls/tgkill.o
  CC	syscalls/time.o
  CC	syscalls/timer_create.o
  CC	syscalls/timer_delete.o
  CC	syscalls/timer_getoverrun.o
  CC	syscalls/timer_gettime.o
  CC	syscalls/timer_settime.o
  CC	syscalls/timerfd_create.o
  CC	syscalls/timerfd_gettime.o
  CC	syscalls/timerfd_settime.o
  CC	syscalls/times.o
  CC	syscalls/tkill.o
  CC	syscalls/truncate.o
  CC	syscalls/umask.o
  CC	syscalls/umount.o
  CC	syscalls/uname.o
  CC	syscalls/unlink.o
  CC	syscalls/unshare.o
  CC	syscalls/uselib.o
  CC	syscalls/userfaultfd.o
  CC	syscalls/ustat.o
  CC	syscalls/utime.o
  CC	syscalls/utimensat.o
  CC	syscalls/utimes.o
  CC	syscalls/vfork.o
  CC	syscalls/vhangup.o
  CC	syscalls/vmsplice.o
  CC	syscalls/wait4.o
  CC	syscalls/waitid.o
  CC	syscalls/waitpid.o
  CC	syscalls/write.o
  CC	trinity
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
  CC	trinity
install -d -m 755 /build/trinity-git/pkg/trinity-git/usr/bin
install trinity /build/trinity-git/pkg/trinity-git/usr/bin
==> Tidying install...
  -> Removing libtool files...
  -> Purging unwanted files...
  -> Removing static library files...
  -> Stripping unneeded symbols from binaries and libraries...
  -> Compressing man and info pages...
==> Checking for packaging issue...
==> Creating package "trinity-git"...
  -> Generating .PKGINFO file...
  -> Generating .BUILDINFO file...
error: invalid option '--noprogressbar'
  -> Generating .MTREE file...
  -> Compressing package...
==> Leaving fakeroot environment.
==> Finished making: trinity-git 1:v1.6.519.gb314824-1 (Thu May 26 23:22:46 EDT 2016)
==> Cleaning up...
==> Removing installed dependencies...
checking dependencies...
:: gettext optionally requires git: for autopoint infrastructure updates

Packages (3) git-2.8.3-1  linux-am33x-headers-4.6.0-3  perl-error-0.17024-1

Total Removed Size:  68.90 MiB

:: Do you want to remove these packages? [Y/n] 
:: Processing package changes...
removing linux-am33x-headers...
removing git...
removing perl-error...