==> Creating clean working copy [build]...done
==> Making package: t50 5.5-2 (Fri May 27 12:18:03 EDT 2016)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found t50-5.5.tar.gz
  -> Found uname.patch
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    t50-5.5.tar.gz ... Passed
    uname.patch ... Passed
==> Making package: t50 5.5-2 (Fri May 27 12:18:05 EDT 2016)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found t50-5.5.tar.gz
  -> Found uname.patch
==> WARNING: Skipping verification of source file PGP signatures.
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    t50-5.5.tar.gz ... Passed
    uname.patch ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Extracting t50-5.5.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> Starting prepare()...
patching file Makefile
==> Starting build()...
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/ip.o src/modules/ip.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/igmpv3.o src/modules/igmpv3.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/dccp.o src/modules/dccp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/ripv2.o src/modules/ripv2.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/udp.o src/modules/udp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/tcp.o src/modules/tcp.c
src/modules/tcp.c: In function 'tcp':
src/modules/tcp.c:85:3: warning: this 'if' clause does not guard... [-Wmisleading-indentation]
   if (tcpopt > (sizeof(struct tcphdr) * 2))
src/modules/tcp.c:90:5: note: ...this statement, but the latter is misleadingly indented as if it is guarded by the 'if'
     tcp          = (struct tcphdr *)((unsigned char *)(ip + 1) + greoptlen);
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/ospf.o src/modules/ospf.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/ripv1.o src/modules/ripv1.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/egp.o src/modules/egp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/rsvp.o src/modules/rsvp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/ipsec.o src/modules/ipsec.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/eigrp.o src/modules/eigrp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/gre.o src/modules/gre.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/igmpv1.o src/modules/igmpv1.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules/icmp.o src/modules/icmp.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/common.o src/common.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/cksum.o src/cksum.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/cidr.o src/cidr.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/main.o src/main.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/resolv.o src/resolv.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/sock.o src/sock.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/usage.o src/usage.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/config.o src/config.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/modules.o src/modules.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/general_help.o src/help/general_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/gre_help.o src/help/gre_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/tcp_udp_dccp_help.o src/help/tcp_udp_dccp_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/ip_help.o src/help/ip_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/icmp_help.o src/help/icmp_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/egp_help.o src/help/egp_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/rip_help.o src/help/rip_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/rsvp_help.o src/help/rsvp_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/ipsec_help.o src/help/ipsec_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/eigrp_help.o src/help/eigrp_help.c
cc -I./src/include -std=gnu99 -Wall -Wextra   -D_EXPERIMENTAL_ -O2 -DNDEBUG -D__HAVE_TURBO__ -c -o build/help/ospf_help.o src/help/ospf_help.c
cc -o release/t50 build/modules/ip.o build/modules/igmpv3.o build/modules/dccp.o build/modules/ripv2.o build/modules/udp.o build/modules/tcp.o build/modules/ospf.o build/modules/ripv1.o build/modules/egp.o build/modules/rsvp.o build/modules/ipsec.o build/modules/eigrp.o build/modules/gre.o build/modules/igmpv1.o build/modules/icmp.o build/common.o build/cksum.o build/cidr.o build/main.o build/resolv.o build/sock.o build/usage.o build/config.o build/modules.o build/help/general_help.o build/help/gre_help.o build/help/tcp_udp_dccp_help.o build/help/ip_help.o build/help/icmp_help.o build/help/egp_help.o build/help/rip_help.o build/help/rsvp_help.o build/help/ipsec_help.o build/help/eigrp_help.o build/help/ospf_help.o  -s 
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
==> Tidying install...
  -> Removing libtool files...
  -> Purging unwanted files...
  -> Removing static library files...
  -> Stripping unneeded symbols from binaries and libraries...
  -> Compressing man and info pages...
==> Checking for packaging issue...
==> Creating package "t50"...
  -> Generating .PKGINFO file...
  -> Generating .BUILDINFO file...
error: invalid option '--noprogressbar'
  -> Generating .MTREE file...
  -> Compressing package...
==> Leaving fakeroot environment.
==> Finished making: t50 5.5-2 (Fri May 27 12:18:17 EDT 2016)
==> Cleaning up...